Disney for Thanksgiving

Stuff, All • Dec, 13


Went to Disney World for Thanksgiving with the Q and Mc families. Lots of fun. I did post some pictures.


Stuff, All • Oct, 13


Halloween was fun. I have pictures of the pumpkins but the kids escaped my camera. Aidan was Marchand and Aislinn was a ninja.

Server down... lots to fill in

Stuff, All • Jan, 12


Latest Hockey Updates

Sports, All • Jan, 12


Hockey update for this weekend. Aidan won his game. One goal and two assists. Aislinn has her first game next Saturday. Should be fun. Aidan also has a game in Pawtucket.


News, All • Nov, 11


Took a trip to Disney World with the kids and some friends. It was fun and there was quite a bit of holiday charm.

Off to Lake Placid.

News, Aidan • Nov, 11


Went to Lake Placid for a hockey tournament. So close to Cranberry Lake but we didn't have time to go wander. Aidan's team did not place. But, they did well in the relay race and the shootout. It was a fun weekend and an interesting experience.

A new addition to our family...

News, Stella • Sep, 10


After much deliberation, we decided to get a puppy. Stella is a black lab who came from a local breeder. She is very sweet and loves the kids dearly.